You might suffer from dry eyes when your eyes feel dry and irritated most or all the time. This condition can occur due to problems with glands or tear quality. At Regal Eye Care in Orangeville, ON, our eye doctor knows how uncomfortable dry eye symptoms can be. We offer the following information on this eye condition.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dryness is just one of the symptoms of dry eye. With this condition, your eyes might also sting or feel scratchy. You might have stringy mucus in your eyes, blurry vision, or trouble wearing contacts. Dry eye can also cause light sensitivity, eye fatigue, difficulty driving at night, and other symptoms.

Causes of Dry Eye

You can have a dry eye if your glands cannot produce enough tears to moisten your eye surface. This condition can also develop if you do not have good tear quality or if your tears tend to evaporate quickly. Underlying factors can also cause dry eye, such as taking certain medications, having certain health conditions, or experiencing eye changes from aging.

Dry Eye Treatment

Several treatments are available to ease symptoms of dry eye. Our optometrist can discuss these with you as needed, depending on what’s causing this condition and how severe your symptoms are.

Some options include eyelid massages, punctual plugs, over-the-counter eye drops, prescription eye drops and medications, meibomian gland expressions, and intense regulated pulsed light (IRPL). Our eye doctor can tell you more about these treatments, while our optician can help you choose lenses that are comfortable for your eyes.

Find Effective Relief for Dry Eye in Orangeville, ON

If you need treatment for dry eye symptoms, contact Regal Eye Care at (519) 307-7771 to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor. Our optometrist in Orangeville, ON, can evaluate your eyes, diagnose dry eyes, and review treatment options, such as IRPL or punctual plugs.