Do you suffer from gritty, sandy or irritated eyes?

If so you might be suffering from dry eye disease. Dry Eye Disease is the most frequent reason that patients visit eye doctors.

Did you know that many Canadians suffer from dry eye disease?

There are many causes of dry eye such as:

The treatments for dry eye can vary depending on the type of dry eye and the cause.  

If you are concerned that you may have issues, complete our quick Dry Eye Assessment below

If you are concerned that you may have issues, complete our quick Dry Eye Assessment below

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Dryness, Grittiness, or Scratchiness :
Burning & Watering :
Soreness & Irritation :
Eye Fatigue :

Dry Eye Assessment

Our in-house dry eye optometrists perform comprehensive testing to help determine the cause of dry eye disease so that your treatment can be guided by clinical science.

During a dry eye assessment, a number of factors are tested including:

Treatment Options

Based on the results of the testing, treatment can be geared specifically to your needs. Our treatments are highly individualized and can include the use of:

In-office procedures

Punctal plugs

Over-the-counter and/or prescription medications

Dr Pabla has trained extensively in diverse areas of eye care, including the treatment and management of ocular diseases, emergency eye care, advanced dry eye treatment, pediatrics and vision therapy.

Dr Pabla completed a Master’s in Vision Science in 2009 while studying and developing grassroots approaches to pediatric eye care delivery in remote, underserved communities in the US and in developing countries. Techniques developed by Dr Pabla are currently in use in schools and nursery centers in Central America.

Continuing her passion in pediatrics, binocular vision and vision therapy, Dr Pabla completed a post-doctoral residency program in Boston, MA. During this residency, Dr Pabla trained at world class institutions such as the New England Medical Center, Boston Medical Center and the Perkin’s School for the Blind. She is currently a member of the Vision Therapy of Canada and trains optometric students interested in vision therapy.

Dr Pabla is actively involved with the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) where she was elected to serve on the Board of Directors. Her involvement with the OAO includes chairing numerous working groups and committees as well as providing mentorship for students interested in the profession. In 2019, Dr Pabla received a Certificate of Appreciation for her contributions to the OAO.

Dr Pabla has also presented research at the American Academy of Optometry and lectured on topics in pediatric eye care at the Ontario Healthy Schools Conference and the Pri-Med Canada conference for family physicians.

Dr Pabla enjoys participating in eye care missions to parts of the world where eye care is scarce or inaccessible. For her volunteer expeditions to Africa, she was given honorary membership to the Woman’s Medical Association of Nigeria.


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