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In 1847, goldsmith Louis-Francois Cartier, founded Maison Cartier and quickly became one of the most established names in the world of jewelry, watches and then later, in luxury eyewear. Cartier creates exceptional eyewear, and develops each design with attention to detail, showcasing distinctive creativity and savoir-faire. Proudly inspired by their pieces of jewelry, Cartier eyewear unveils new and unexpected interpretations celebrating timeless elegance and sophistication.

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Stylistic Details

Cartier Families

Cartier Eyewear concepts have strong personalities, expressing different aspects of the same code. 

SANTOS De Cartier

A very masculine concept that evokes the world of aviation.


A unique combination of the iconic Godron motif and the emblematic C de Cartier that provides unisex appeal. 


This eyewear collection is powerful and audacious. The panther becomes the true icon of triumphant sensuality. 


The perfect illustration of how Cartier interprets expertise in the most modern way. The different shapes and designs with straight lines and curves suit both men and women, enhancing their look with emblematic details. 

TRINITY De Cartier

A refined and feminine collection, perfectly adorned with a motif inspired by the three bands of the Trinity ring.

Premium Materials


Electroplating is an electrochemical deposition, which uses electricity to coat a thin layer of a precious metal onto the frame. 


A fine handmade process used to coat a metal surface or to create intricate patterns into hollowed recesses. 


Cartier Eyewear uses precious metal finishings like copper alloys, titanium & stainless steel. 


Precious and rare woods are used in Cartier Eyewear. The woods are light and comfortable, hypoallergenic, and develop a nice patina over time. 


Cartier uses natural horns with unique patterns from South America and Asia. Horn is a natural material which offer a variety of tones to give each frame a special character.

Solid Gold

Represents the maximum expression of Cartier savoir faire in 3 colors: gold, silver gold and pink gold. 


Create your signature look with our unique lens options. We offer faceted bevels for a clean look.

Or try a diamond cut for a more sophisticated look!

Each of our lenses can be fully customized with different tint colours and mirrors. Get your lenses with or without prescription and ask us about placing the Cartier logo on your lenses.

Want to add a more personal touch? We can add your initials or your own company logo to your lenses.

Cartier Eyewear Fitting Appointment

Dr Pabla has trained extensively in diverse areas of eye care, including the treatment and management of ocular diseases, emergency eye care, advanced dry eye treatment, pediatrics and vision therapy.

Dr Pabla completed a Master’s in Vision Science in 2009 while studying and developing grassroots approaches to pediatric eye care delivery in remote, underserved communities in the US and in developing countries. Techniques developed by Dr Pabla are currently in use in schools and nursery centers in Central America.

Continuing her passion in pediatrics, binocular vision and vision therapy, Dr Pabla completed a post-doctoral residency program in Boston, MA. During this residency, Dr Pabla trained at world class institutions such as the New England Medical Center, Boston Medical Center and the Perkin’s School for the Blind. She is currently a member of the Vision Therapy of Canada and trains optometric students interested in vision therapy.

Dr Pabla is actively involved with the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) where she was elected to serve on the Board of Directors. Her involvement with the OAO includes chairing numerous working groups and committees as well as providing mentorship for students interested in the profession. In 2019, Dr Pabla received a Certificate of Appreciation for her contributions to the OAO.

Dr Pabla has also presented research at the American Academy of Optometry and lectured on topics in pediatric eye care at the Ontario Healthy Schools Conference and the Pri-Med Canada conference for family physicians.

Dr Pabla enjoys participating in eye care missions to parts of the world where eye care is scarce or inaccessible. For her volunteer expeditions to Africa, she was given honorary membership to the Woman’s Medical Association of Nigeria.


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